The 21 Day Hacking Happy Challenge That Gets Results 
Discover Three Powerful Hacks that Give You the Easiest Way to Find & Sustain Happiness...
in Less Than 5 Minutes a Day
Let me ask you a question...

Are you as happy as you want to be?

Many people aren't.

In fact, most of us are dealing with stress, overwhelm, decision fatigue. 

There's never enough time in the day to get everything done. Our work isn't as satisfying and fulfilling as we wish it to be. We are lacking connection and intimacy in our relationships.

All the factors we call "life," are making happiness feel elusive to us.

Which makes our underlying motivation for almost everything we do an effort to try and fill up our happiness meter.

There was an article written in Forbes back in 2016, called “The Top 8 Things People Desperately Desire But Can’t Seem to Obtain.”  

The #1 desire on this list = Happiness. 

It was even more desirable than money and freedom. 

Happiness is essential to living a good life.

When we are happy it's easier to obtain all the other things we want: money, success, love, connection, confidence, peace, and freedom.

Plus, there are many known benefits happiness has on our health and well being.

Happiness is good for the heart. It's been proven to lower blood pressure and help to fight other disease and disabilities.  

It can help combat stress and strengthen your immune system and actually lengthen your life.

There is an endless list of reasons that finding a "hack" to happy would feel like discovering a real life unicorn! 

But here's the truth...happiness is NOT as elusive as we think it is.  It’s actually something that’s always right within our reach.

In fact, here’s a quick test, try staring at this picture for 15 seconds...
Can you feel the corners of your mouth twitching into a smile?

Do you feel the warm gooey feeling of happiness taking over?

Joy is contagious. Happy creates more happy. 

Even just looking at a smiling face for less than a minute can bring you a splash of joy.

But how do we capture that warm, delicious feeling so we can access happy even when life pulls the rug out from under us? 

How do we get an all-access-pass to permanent and sustainable happiness?
Unlock the Secret to Happiness
To start let's begin by debunking the misconceptions around what happiness is and what happiness isn’t. 

Most often we look for external factors to “make us happy.” 

We search for happiness in our jobs, bank accounts, and relationships. 

But here's how to unlock the secret to real, true happiness... you actually need to look no farther than yourself.

Happiness is an inside job.

Okay, that sounds cheesy.  But, I’m being serious.

Don’t get me wrong…a big promotion, fancy car, and winning the lottery would be great. 

But it’s important to realize that wealth and happiness are not synonymous.

In fact, "searching" for happiness can often majorly backfire and cause you to feel unhappy instead. 

You (and every human on planet earth) are already walking around with the capacity to be happy.

Let's do a thought experiment together. 

I want you to remember the last time you heard a baby giggle.  

I mean that sweet, sweet sound of pure happy, bubbling out...

(If you’ve never experienced this, watch below for 48 hilarious seconds of this awesome baby giggling uncontrollably.)

That baby has a full happiness meter and has no trouble accessing joy.

See we all start our life on planet earth with the capacity to be happy. 

Before we have houses, careers, cars, or even an allowance, we already come equipped for being happy.

The ability to feel happiness exists within us. 

But as life progresses we forget how to access this pure joy.

Here’s a quote from Leo Tolstoy: “If you want to be happy, be.

It's really is that simple. 

Just existing provides an opportunity to have happiness.
Discover the "Hack" to Being Happy
Okay, but let’s be realistic, I get that life can feel really really hard sometimes.

The innocent newborn quickly evolves into a more grown, self actualized adult. Then somewhere along the way, that immediate access to joy is lost.

As adults it becomes much more difficult to just “be” with the worries of everyday life weighing us down.

There are 3 simple, instant "hacks" you can learn to greatly increase how much happiness you feel.

The Dalai Lama said, “The ultimate source of my own mental happiness is my peace of mind."

Well even though you aren't a buddhist monk, maybe they were onto something...
My name is Rob Scott. I'm a personal development coach working to transform people like yourself.

I've had many prior experiences in life from early on that should have stood have prevented me from feeling happy.

As a victim of severe abuse at a young age, I also struggled with addiction and a cancer diagnosis. It's not been an easy life.

I've scraped rock bottom many times. 

But today, in spite of my experiences, I'm happy.

As as coach, I realized that every single client I've had is striving to be happier, and one of the most valuable things I could help teach is the shortcut to happy.

One of my inspirations is Alice Herz Sommers. She was one of the world longest living holocaust survivors, who lived to be 110 years and 89 days.

It's universal. 

No matter what we've been through in our life, everyone can benefit from more joy.

That's why I developed the simplest, most effective, "hacks" to becoming happier instantly and permanently.

I built a process so you could experience all those amazing benefits of being happier...
The 21 Day Hacking Happy Challenge
Join the challenge and discover how to access, sustain, and embody happiness. 

Get real, crucial strategies to set "happy" on autopilot in your life.

These "hacks" are a game changer. 

I’m talking about a massive boost in your quality of life.

Yup, this challenge is the real deal.

By going through it, you’ll increase all those juicy chemicals in your brain. 

(Side Note: Happiness is the quickest way to change your state without using drugs or medication.)

Before you know it, the dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins will all be flowing.
So in less than 21 days you go from feeling like this:
To becoming more like this:
(Well, the beard's not included... 😉)
Happiness is for Everyone
You don’t have to be a philosopher or buddhist monk to “discover” how to find and sustain happiness and joy in your life.

You can be happier.

Happiness doesn’t have age, gender, or socioeconomic restrictions. 

Happiness doesn’t discriminate. 

I promise if you all started out as a baby (which I can almost guarantee you did), you were born with the capability to feel what this kid is feeling right now:
It’s worth investing a little time, money, and energy into checking out my 21-Day Hacking Happiness Challenge. 

(Since we’re all looking for ways to be feel better, why not try it out. You won't regret it.)

If the only result you got from doing the challenge was 21 Days of being happier, won't it be worth it?

But if you were able to also discover how to sustain happiness wouldn't that be life changing?

What would more ease and confidence do for your relationships? 

How would joy and fulfillment increase your performance at work?

Why not become less stress and anxious?
Your Next Steps...
Enroll now for the 21 Day Happiness Challenge.

Over 21 days we’ll take you through a happiness journey, and teach you 3 simple hacks.

 In less than five minutes a day, you'll be able to  access and sustain true happiness and joy.

This challenge will teach you tangible ways to change your state from sad to happy instantly.

(Without using drugs or medication.)

You'll discover transformative, fun ways to change your brain chemistry so that you can really enjoy your life. 

Plus, improve your mental and physical health and wellbeing.

For less than the cost of a fancy dinner out on the town, a pair of designer shoes, or a dreamy tropical vacation, you can unlock the secret to happiness.

What a deal! 

Plus we’ll make you smile and laugh along the way.

Sign up below to get started right now.

See you in there.

Rob :)

PS. Building connection is another you "hack happy." 

Join our Free Facebook Community: Happiness is for Everyone and foster happiness with other "happiness hackers" like yourself.
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