Hacking Happy

by Dusty Phillips

Fed up with the latest and greatest time management system? This book will motivate you to maximize your levels of happiness rather than false incentives like efficiency or productivity. It guides you through tested psychological techniques. Each chapter is an analogy to a programming or systems administration concept to help you grok it quickly.

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About Dusty

Dusty Phillips is a Canadian author and software developer. He started programming at a young age, converting a library book (he didn't have Internet) of Commodore 64 Basic programs into QBasic. He went through a Java phase before finally settling on Python several years ago. He completed his bachelor's degree online from Athabasca University in 2005. A master's degree, specializing in Human Computer Interaction, followed it in 2007. He currently works remotely as a software developer for YouGov.

Dusty is well known in the Arch Linux community. He currently sells Arch Linux branded merchandise through Zazzle and a custom storefront for other Arch Linux products. He also maintains the print edition of the Arch Linux Handbook, now in its third version. In the past, Dusty spent two stints on the Arch Linux development team, first as documentation writer and later as a Django web developer. He also spent several years as forum moderator and administrator for the distro.

After several successes in 2010, including the publication of his first book, Python 3 Object Oriented Programming and winning the Django Dash competition, Dusty fell into a suicidal depression. Mental illness has haunted him for most of his life, but this episode was the first time he sought help. Starting with two weeks on the local psych ward, he tracked down every resource he could find on mental illness. He is now a wonderful example of positive mental health. The techniques he learned on this journey of self discovery are summarized in his second book, Hacking Happy.

To see what Dusty is working on today, visit his blog or peruse his GitHub projects. If you would like to support future programming or writing endeavours, Gittip is a great way to do it.